Wooxy 1.5

Changes the aspects of the champions for the League of Legends game
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Provides the possibility to finally play with your favorite skin on any champion, no need to look with awol at skins that you would like to see on your champion, now you can simply have it. Just select it from the main menu and start playing with your customized looks.

Fans of League of Legends (also known as LoL) will find Wooxy a very interesting and useful tool to install all skins – both old and new, maps or champions – and, what is more, to create their own ones. You can design your own custom skins using the program’s own files and upload them to any of the servers available from Riot.

To do so, Wooxy allows you to extract files – audio files included – from the game, so that you can add your own creative touch to them and install them back in your LoL server. This won’t interfere with your normal game play, as Wooxy won’t replace any original game files. Thus, whenever you want or need to install a new patch, you can do that in a safe way knowing that Wooxy will never alter or break your game.

The program’s main menu offers you three options – Skins, to install or delete your skins and to add new skins to the program; Creation Tools, to download the files you need to custom your favorite skins, and Settings. On the right-hand side of this main menu, you will also find a list of the latest skins added to Wooxy for you to choose and install. Uploading skins to Wooxy couldn’t be easier – just drag and drop your files, folders, or packages to the provided panel and add some metadata to help others to identify it and to acknowledge your work. Getting LoL skin files for you to work with is just as simple, and it provides you with the possibility of extracting WEM audio files from the LoL sound banks for you to use and enjoy. (Audio editing requires a third-party tool, as this option has not been yet included in Wooxy.)

You will hardly find an easier tool to extract, install, upload, or delete LoL custom skins than Wooxy. This free utility will surely add a new perspective to your love for League of Legends, giving you the possibility to add your own creative touch to your favorite game.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Easiness of use
  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • Allows you to extract all files required to customize any LoL skin
  • Does not interfere with LoL updates and patches


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